Publish your work and earn money on

If you are a writer and willing to write some book or e-book but don’t want to invest money on publishing them then is best for you.

Other than writers is best place for photographers, poets, etc.


What is

It is a self publishing American business company with links to Amazon.



  • Free to Sign-up
  • Print on Demand
  • You have ownership of copyrights on your own work.
  • Un-Publish any time (You can ask to stop publishing any of your book)
  • The total money earned after selling your product each is divided into three parts:

1)      Manufacturing Cost

2)      Profit


  • The profit is divided into two parts:

1)      Your revenue (80% of the profit)

2)      Lulu’s cut (20% of the profit)

Example if you have priced your each book as 14$:

Then the manufacturing cost of the book might be 4$ so it gets deducted. So the profit earned is 10$ behind every book and further it gets divided and you get your revenue 8$ and 2$ will go to

And if you have sold such 10 books then you will get 8$x10=80$

You can create and sell Books, E-books, Photo Books, Calendars, Cookbooks, Poetry Books, Yearbooks, Wedding Books and Portfolios


Publishing Books:

You get various options for covers, size, printing, paper quality of the book.

Creating E-books:

E-books created on are supported by wide range of eReader devices and platforms like Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble NOOK and Personal computers and helps to reach more number of readers & markets.

Photo Books:

If you are a photographer then you can create a photo book, publish and sell it on Lulu market.


Create a customized calendar add special dates, birthdays, reunions etc, add photos and publish it and buy the copy or sell it on Lulu market.


If you are professional chef or got good talent in cooking then you can publish your cookbook.


You can also create Poetry Books, Yearbooks, and Wedding Books Portfolios for more info check





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