Google Money Kit Scam or Legit?

Now-a-days Google Money Kit ads can be seen on most of the websites including some big websites which makes us think that this package might be legit.

Example of Google Money Kit ads shown on websites:

Most of us want to know whether it is Scam or Legit?

Result:  Google Money Kit is purely a Scam and Google is not part of this scam.

Note: The checks shown in those advertisements are actually from Google Adsense and not from this Google money kit.

When you go to their website during sign up for that kit they ask a low shipping cost of $1.95 but its actually the cost of trail pack and when it expires after 7 days of the trail period it costs you around $69.99 and $24.95 is charged as security per month.


So please beware of this scam and don’t fall in their traps.

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