5 Simple ways to settle your Debts

Every individual has financial obligations and can face difficulties in repaying their debts. A person can be forced to take on debts due to many different reasons such as financial emergencies, job loss and so on. Taking a loan, however, will not solve the problem. It is important to repay the debts on time, failing to do so will take a person deeper into the turmoil and they can find it extremely difficult to come out. But nothing is impossible and there is a solution for every problem. Here are 5 simple tips that will help you in repaying all your debts;

¨ Tap into your savings:

The first thing that you can do to repay all your debt is to make use of your savings. It makes no sense having money preserved in your account whilst you go through tough times to repay your existing debts. The longer your debt is there, the more you will owe. So it is advisable to utilise your savings to clear your debts or atleast a part of it as this will reduce the overall amount you pay back.

¨ Increase the regular payments

Try and a slightly higher payment than the minimum amount each month as it will help you in reducing your loan amount quickly and save you from paying higher interest rates. You can reduce your monthly expenses and use that amount to repay the debts.

¨ Utilise your liquid assets:

In case you possess liquid assets such as property, vehicles, gold, and shares etc. you can sell them and make some cash out of it. You can then utilise this cash to repay your debt amount and get rid of all your debts at the earliest possible point.

¨ Make use of your insurance policy:

If your insurance policy has the facility of cash value then you can secure a loan against it and use it to repay your existing debts. Here you are benefited as you need not repay the loan amount and it supports you financially.

¨ Go for debt consolidation:

If you are overburdened with your present debts and are not able to manage it then the best option available for you is to go for a debt consolidation loan. Here you can get a new loan to repay your existing debts at a reduced overall interest rate and you just need to make a single monthly payment rather than paying to different lenders. Make sure that once you start the consolidation process you do not miss any of the monthly payments. In case you face any difficulty in making the monthly payment you can acquire payday loans and get the required cash until your next payday.


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